"Caaannn you feeellll the GAYYYY toniiightttt"
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how come i can keep a poker face on when reading aggressive frickling and frackling but i end up a gooey mess when there are cute nose boops and shy kisses and shit


I was reading a smutty fic on the bus and a boy leaned over and said “how can you read that with a straight face” and i just said “im used to it” and the look of horror on his face was hilarious


ohh yeah baby! 


ohh yeah baby! 

Teen Wolf AU: So Stiles’ original plan of insinuating himself into every aspect of Derek’s life and making Derek fall in love with him - mostly by just being everywhere all the time - might not have worked as well as anticipated because Derek is a paranoid bastard, but from where Stiles is standing it looks like it all went okay anyway. 

Inspired by this post, except that it got sappier.



every song is a ship song if you’re in too deep


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the acting in gay porn.


Artist : 佐倉田モニ@4号館ア25a

Japanese —> Chinese : 二次元部落萌主

Chinese —> English : 

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